Data Recovery Chicago

Data Recovery Services inc.
Data Recovery Services inc. provides the expertise necessary for the recovery, isolation, redaction, and verification of your data. We work with a variety of media including; laptop hard drives, desktop hard drives, SCSI & SATA drives, DLT and DAT tapes, DVRs, memory cards, floppy & zip disks, intelligent devices and internet based archives. Our clean rooms staff can overcome even very severe mechanical damage, media damage, and data corruption. While our programmers, with expertise in many 3rd and 4th generation languages, and a wide variety of operating systems, can expertly repair, renew, redact, and de-duplicate diverse data sets.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (312) 224-8152

Promise Data Recovery
Promise Data Recovery labs in Chicago, Illinois and in Houston, Texas offer a wide variety of data recovery services on both instant and standard basis for any kind of storage media. We provide 24-Hours customer service support for any disaster situation. We are equipped with all cutting edge technolgy tools and engineers to recover data from desktop, Laptop hard drives, RAID's, Tapes, and all other devices such as memory cards, flash cards, floppies, CDs & DVDs, etc. No matter if it is Windows OS Family or Macintosh or LINUX or UNIX or Solaris, or any BSD's platform, we are commiteted to extract information from it.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (800)-701-0756

We have a very high success rate in handling the above problems. We are experts on Data Recovery from electronically working, damaged Hard Drives of various sizes and Memory Sticks in Digital Cameras.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (312) 269-9400

Optimum Data Recovery, Inc.
Optimum Data Recovery, Inc. offers professional, fast, economical data recovery for all types of media - hard drive, laptop, raid or tape - to name a few. Regardless of the cause of data loss, we have the solution to recover your data. We specialize in data recovery - that is all we do, and have been doing for 15 years. If you have deleted files, corrupted media, damage from a fire ,flood or any other reason - we can recover the data. Our fast, courteous service, strict confidentiality policies, No Recovery-No charge guarantee, and expert data recovery service have set industry standards.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (800) 580-4959 is a world leader in data recovery services and one of the only companies to invest in data recovery research and development. We have developed the most advanced technology and use state-of-the-art equipment; together with the highest level of expertise we are able to recover data from any storage device. As a result, we present the highest success rate in the industry of full and complete data recovery for our various clients' cases.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (866) 400-3282

Disk Doctors
Disk Doctors has been a leader in providing data recovery services and software to end users, corporate, and government sectors. So when individuals and enterprise users need a reliable, fast, technologically advanced, and yet affordable data recovery services; they have chosen "Disk Doctors" repeatedly, as our services and success rate has been second to none.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (800) 347-5377

Geeks 24/7
Specializing in: * Hardware & Software Installations * Diagnostics * Wired & Wireless Networking * Data Backup & Recovery * Broadband Setup * Virus & Spyware Removal
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 649-4775

PC Solutions
At PC Solutions, you can rely on our computer specialists to keep your laptops, desktops, home and business networks operating at peak performance—all with the personal attention and quick turnaround times big computer chains can't deliver. From removing malicious viruses to maximizing system speed and recovering critical data, you'll enjoy A to Z computer solutions for your home and business computing needs alike.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 388-8324

Didi Computers
We can recover your data from: * hard disks (ATA, SATA, SCSI) * floppy disks * memory cards * SMC & xD Slot: SM Card, xD Card * CF Slot: CF Card, CFII Card, CF Ultra II, Micro Drive * SD & MMC Slot: SD Card, Mini-SD Card, SD Ultra, MMC Card, MMCII Card, RS-MMC Card, HS-MMC Card, SDC Card, T-Flash * MS Slot: MS Card, MS Pro Card, MS MG Card, MS MG Pro Card, MS Duo Card, MS MG Duo Card, MS Pro Duo Card, MS MG Pro Duo Card * iPod
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (773) 350-0685

ADR Data Recovery
ADR's data recovery labs are not drop-off locations. They are staffed with certified data recovery technicians. Equipped with the most advanced technology and data recovery equipment so we can recover your data on-site.
Location : Chicago, IL
Phone : (800) 450-9282