Data Recovery Edmonton

Rescue DRL
Rescue DRL provides professional data recovery and restoration services for all types of data storage media and systems, including hard drives, RAID / NAS / SAN volumes, removable disk cartridges, diskettes, CD, DVD, magneto-optical cartridges, USB flash and digital media data storage. The delivery of expert data recovery, disaster recovery and file recovery services continues to be the focal point of our business.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 473-7283

1st Data Recovery
The hardware and software engineers in can fix the hard drive or pull out the platters to access the useful data. They created and are developing their own in-house tools and techniques to access the useful data. They are able to recovery from any IDE devices, including Laptop Hard Drives and standard IDE Hard Drives, and S-ATA, SCSI, from all different manufacturers.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 669-5257

ReStoring Data Inc.
ReStoring Data Inc. is a complete Canadian hard drive data recovery company that specializes in recovering "vital data" from personal computer and notebook hard disk drives, as well as server drives, RAID's, memory cards, emails, and much more. With many years of experience in hard drive repair, you can be sure we will do our best in restoring your data as soon as possible.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (877) 737-8003

Services include Computer services like Spyware/Virus removal, reformatting, data recovery and more; Computer tutoring, On-Site lessons for any application, for home and business; and Internet Services, Web Strategy Consultation, eCommerce, Site Hosting, Design and more.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (877) 263-2859

Spenny for Hire
Web Design & Desktop Publishing (Website planning, navigation, & menus, Website upgrades, repairs, Advertising, search engine submission, optimization, Creation of ads, newsletters, business cards, blogs), Computer Security (Computer Security, Firewall installation & configuration, System auditing / hardening, Security consulting & training), Backup (Disaster recovery planning, Advanced backup methods), Data Recovery & Computer Repair (Computer repair, failed system assessment, & recovery, Hardrive, partition, and file recovery)Computer Cleaning (File management, organization,Junk files removal, Junk files removal, Restore hardrive space).
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 991-7736

Essential Data Recovery
At Essential Data Recovery we recover computer data that has been deleted, corrupted, damaged by virus, or thought to be unrecoverable. We specialize in the extraction and restoration of computer data from hard drives that have suffered physical or mechanical problems. Our highly trained personnel in combination with Class 100 Clean Room conditions use expert methods and procedures to recover and restore your data.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (403) 269-1136

InSight Data Recovery Inc.
Our engineers perform lab-quality data recovery service right on your server, desktop or laptop through your Internet connection. Not only is our Remote Data Recovery service the quickest method for recovering data, but it is highly secured – performing each recovery through a secured 128 bit encrypted connection for all data streams from our safe facilities. Your recovered data is restored to your system or copied to a new folder on your desktop and is accessible upon completion.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (888) 374-3739