Data Recovery Kansas City

AccuServ gets you back up and running when you have data loss. We are successfully able to recover data from over 95% of all drives and disks brought in, using the latest software and data recovery tools to save your most vital information.We recover data from: * Hard drives * USB Drives * SCSI drives * RAID arrays * CDs/DVDs * Floppy disks * Zip disks. We know that data recovery is, by far, the most urgent and sensitive of services, and it is our priority to help you get your information back as quickly as possible.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (913) 432-0000

KC TechHeads
We're proud to open up a fully functional repair shop here within the KC Metro, and we offer services ranging from antivirus, data recovery, network development, computer & system build, website design and webhosting. KC Techheads also offers Nationwide Internet Dialup Access to those who need the internet anywhere in the country - or who want to save locally. Whether you're a big business or a someone who's just stuck with an unruly home computer, we're glad to help!
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (913) 432-4412

VA Data Recovery
VA Data Recovery specializes in recovering data from all types of data storage device/media. We have access to leading-edge data recovery technology, which allows us to recover data in the fastest and most efficient way.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (877) 417-3282

Computer Technical Services
House Calls & On-Site Business Support 24/7 Proficient with all Retail models. Build Quality Custom Computers. Virus/Spyware Removal & Prevention, Business and Home Network Install, General Maintenance and Cleaning, Remote Assistance, Website Design, MS Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003/2000, Cable/DSL and Firewall Router Installation, Hardware and Software Installation, troubleshooting & Repair, Data Recovery and Notebooks
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (913) 642-3907

ADR Data Recovery
ADR Data Recovery is trusted by large enterprises, small businesses, government and educational facilities to restore vital data from virtually any type of failure. With 12 years hard drive data recovery experience, and more than 37,000 successful hard drive recovery operations, ADR Data Recovery has earned the trust of companies and organizations like: Safeway Stores, Verizon, AT&T, Homeland Security, Cambridge University, Harvard, MIT, Johnson Controls, NASA, Microsoft and many more.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (800) 450-9282

FCS Data Recovery
As a worldwide leader in hard disk data recovery services, FCS is able to recover data from hard disk drives where most companies in our industry have failed. Our hard drive recovery specialists are truly data recovery experts, with the necessary tools and proven in-depth knowledge of hard-disk technologies to ensure your data is recovered successfully.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (913) 307-0775

Johnson Networking Solutions
Onsite Technical support for PC's workstations, Servers and Networks. * Web hosting and email including 24X7 telephone support. * Data recovery / disaster recovery for all types of hard drives, tape backups, floppy's, CD's and DVD's. * Virus removal, IT security, computer installs, rollouts, moves, ect. * Computer Networking - Firewalls, switches, routers, hubs, wiring cat 5/6 (phone and data). * Many other types of computer issues can be handled.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816)737-5454

ACS Data Recovery
At ACS Data Recovery we recover data for some of the biggest corporations in the world. We work with government agencies, every branch of the military, defense contractors, major univsersities, health care facilities, law firms, you name it. We also work with everyday people, who may have just lost their Quickbooks data, 3 years worth of family photos, or even their IPOD data. No matter what the situation, ACS Data Recovery can help you get your data back.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (800) 717-8974

Midwest Data Recovery Inc.
At Midwest Data Recovery Inc. we have the experience, the facilities, and the highly skilled engineers to help bring our clients through the data recovery process. Starting with a free phone consultation, you will be provided with the guidance and expertise you need in order to quickly get your data back into a more productive environment. Once your media is received it will undergo a full diagnostic evaluation in our secure data recovery lab at no charge. This will allow our engineers to accurately describe the problems associated with your media and to provide you with a firm price for the full data recovery process. Once the quote has been approved by you, our highly trained engineers will then perform the data recovery process, working from the hexadecimal level (we go behind the code) in order to fully recover the data from the damaged media.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (866) 786-2595

Dti Data Recovery
Dti Data Recovery provides hard disk drive repair services throughout the United States. Even though our primary clean room lab is in Florida, we are only a day away with Fed-Ex or UPS. Most of our data recovery customers live in a state where there is no hard drive repair companies, Kansas is no exception. Be sure to check that your Kansas data recovery company actually performs hard drive repair in your location! Most companies only have one lab location, or send it to a data recovery company like us anyway.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (866) 438-6932