Data Recovery Pittsburgh

ACS Data Recovery
We Specialize In: * Drive damage due to power issues (over voltage, voltage spikes, etc.) * Head stack failures; clicking hard drives and other physical failures * Spindle motor failures, especially common in Toshiba hard drives * Drive seen as RAW in Windows, or asks to Format * BIOS detects wrong drive model or size, or does not see the drive at all * Human error, accidental deletion, accidental format, OS reinstall * RAID failures, degraded arrays, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 * Data loss due to virus attacks, or sabotage * Water damaged, flooded hard drives * Fire and Smoke damaged drives
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (800) 717-8974

Dti Data Recovery
Dti Data Recovery provides hard disk drive repair services throughout the United States. Even though our primary clean room lab is in Florida, we are only a day away with Fed-Ex or UPS. Most of our data recovery customers live in a state where there is no hard drive repair companies, Kansas is no exception. Be sure to check that your Kansas data recovery company actually performs hard drive repair in your location! Most companies only have one lab location, or send it to a data recovery company like us anyway.
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (727) 345-9665

ADR Data Recovery
ADR Data Recovery provides expert data recovery and computer forensics services for businesses and organizations. ADR Data Recovery (formerly American Data Recovery, Inc.) was founded in 1995. ADR provides data recovery and computer forensics solutions, using our proprietary procedures and leading edge technologies. We specialize in data recovery for hard disk drives, RAID, servers, NAS, SAN, and tapes. Our extensive data recovery and digital forensics success stories span the following domains and scenarios: Storage device mechanical failure (hard drive crash, firmware failure, etc.), Accidental file deletion or reformatting, Multiple RAID drive failures, Viruses, trojan horses, Power surges, Natural disasters, Fire, Water damage, Malicious intent, Security breaches, Internal IT/IS system investigations, Litigation support, expert witness testimony.
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (800) 450-9282

PC Doctor
PC Doctor has a very high success rate with Data-Recovery. Our in-house technicians can recover data from a variety of hard drive crashes, viruses or logic-bomb attacks. Most recovery issues are solved without a clean room and at a rate that won't break your budget. Average billing time for data-recovery is 2-4 hours.
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (412) 421-7190

Ontrack Data Recovery
Ontrack Data Recovery is the world leader in data recovery services and data recovery software offering the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions to clients who have experienced data loss.
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (800) 349-5812

Flashback Data
Flashback Data is an industry leader in Computer Data Recovery and Restoration. Whether your hard drive has crashed or you have accidentally deleted critical files, we are here to help. We have the most advanced technology in data recovery to retrieve data from any media type or operating system including: * A state-of-the-art Class 10 clean room for internal hard disk repair * Advanced software and proprietary methods of retrieving data from disks with damaged partition tables, OS corruption or deleted files * Methods of repairing drives with damage to the service area of the drive
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (866) 786-5700

PC Doctor
Residential and Business Services * Repair- Upgrades * System Performance * Virus Removal * Troubleshooting * Data Recovery * System Backup * Software Training * Network Services * System Design * Website and Database Development
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (412) 257-1048

Pittsburgh Computer Solutions
Pittsburgh Computer Solutions is a one stop shop for all your computer needs in the Pittsburgh area. Whether you are a small business struggling with a connectivity problems and need some help with backups, to a home user with teenagers downloading all sorts of fun stuff onto your ‘now slow moving’ laptop, we are more than willing to come to your home or office to get you back on track. Phone systems are also offered for any size business and can be programmed and shipped anywhere.
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (412) 835-8524

Electronic Data Recovery
Services at EDR are not limited to the recovery of evidence. We also recover data that customers may believe has been lost or deleted in error. We can recover data in files that have be password protected and the password has been lost. We know how to retrieve your lost data and get your business operations back to normal as quickly as possible.
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (412) 279-3820

lxetech is a one-man computer service shop run by Aleksey Smalianchuk. I am dedicated to providing professional services in computer repair and maintenance for the most affordable price. Lxetech is located in Wexford, PA and services the Northern Pittsburgh suburban area. We offer reliable and affordable on-site support for home and small business computer and network systems. Ordering my services is a breeze and everything is backed up by a simple but firm guarantee - you won't pay a penny unless I fix it.
Location : Pittsburgh, PA
Phone : (412) 680-8233